How to Ace Spanish AB Initio Reading Comprehension Paper 2 (eBook)

How to Ace Spanish AB Initio Reading Comprehension Paper 2 (eBook)

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The "How to Ace Spanish Ab Initio - Reading Comprehension" workbook is the ultimate exam preparation workbook for teachers and students alike. It is suitable for all beginning learners of Spanish. Its practical approach to teaching and learning is based on past examination papers (the former Paper 1) from 2000 until 2019 and is arranged according to the five main themes and the twenty main topics of the Spanish Ab Initio course. This workbook provides a wide range of reading texts with accompanying questions. In addition, this workbook encourages the students to study and revise grammar points, key vocabulary, key structures and text types. Each reading text is accompanied by a variety of tasks, including reading, speaking and writing.

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Author: Ronny Mintjens
Publisher Name: Mintjens Press
ISBN (12 months): 9789881476111-12
ISBN (24 months): 9789881476111-24

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