My IB French Ab Initio Portfolio 2nd Edition (eBook)

My IB French Ab Initio Portfolio 2nd Edition (eBook)

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My French Ab Initio Portfolio contains 333 questions and answer options that cover all 20 topics of the Ab Initio syllabus. It helps students understand all the questions that can be asked about the 20 topics and prepare and practise their personal responses to these questions. The various answer tables are presented in a way that allows the students to pick and choose the parts of the answers that best reflect their own situation.

The Portfolio also encourages the students to study, practice and review the relevant vocabulary and grammar prior to answering the questions, thus providing a great revision tool in preparation for the different assessment components.

The Portfolio lends itself to a continuous development and revision of all four language acquisition skills : reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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Author: Ronny Mintjens
Publisher Name: Mintjens Press
ISBN (12 months): 9789887875574-12
ISBN (24 months): 9789887875574-24

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